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Hybrid Vehicle
  With fort success of the Toyota Prius, all manufacturers develop their turn to hybrid technology. But do you know real element what this technology and how it works?
  What is A hybridy?  
The hybrid mode combines two sources of energy, one thermal, the other electric. We can distinguish:

The so-called hybridization "series" for which completeness of training wheels is provided by the electric motor,

The so-called "parallel" hybridization for which both engines provide power to the wheels, with the possibility of several distribution scenarios.
The schema above against you explains the operation of a hybrid.
  What are the benefits of a vehicle hybrid?
Hybrid technology allows significant CO2 gains from conventional gasoline vehicles, and more CO2 emissions than diesel engines.

Example for the Toyota Prius: issued 104 grams of CO2 per km.
  What is the electrical autonomy of a vehicle hybrid?
On current models (Toyota Prius, Honda Civic) vehicle can roll in purely electric mode with the energy stored in the batteries (Ni-Mh) during... 5 km. So nothing at all!

Nevertheless, manufacturers are working on prototypes to improve the electrical performance of the hybrid vehicle with the addition of extra batteries.

"Electrification kits" are already available in addition to Atlantic and allow to increase significantly (50 to 80 km in the kits) autonomy of his vehicle. Adapting on the Toyota Prius, the acquisition price is very high (around 10,000).
  Therefore a hybrid vehicle must be less than a classical thermal vehicle pollute?
Indeed, some small urban vehicles, such as the Smart Fotwto Diesel, emit less CO2 than current hybrid vehicles whose use LiFePo4 Battery (104 g/km for the Prius against 90 g/km for the Diesel Smart).

Furthermore, by taking the example of the Lexus Rx 400 h, yet a hybrid vehicle, its CO2 emissions amounted to 192 g / km the placing as level E of the energy label.
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