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There could not be an explosion for Lifepo4 Battery




April 11, the GM Technical Center under the global cell system battery lab explosion occurred. Accidents caused by small-scale fires as well as several officers were injured. Publish press releases followed by a number of foreign media are use: GM laboratory battery explosion "in the title, GM quickly issued an official statement saying that this explosion is not provided by the A123 LiFePo4 battery , but the gas leaking from the battery ignited, the battery did not explode, However a number of foreign media reported make a mistake report.

In May last year, GM Wo Landa electric vehicle battery fire incidents occurred in the test, GM re-test the A123 Battery and choose A123 to be a battery supplier. The A123's core competitive advantage is based on nanotechnology production of lithium iron phosphate cathode material. This is common to be safe, the Wo Landa battery replaced by lifepo4 for higher security.

A Taiwan store on a web page claims: "the main cause of lithium (lithium polymer) combustion & explosion safety issues, unless there is a signed affidavit, otherwise the shop not undertook ,We only wish to promote the lifepo4 battery pack, for security reasons. "

In Theory, LiFePo4 battery is the most security battery now, BYD has a video which throw the lifepo4 battery in fire, no explosion occurred. There was also the possibility of a dangerous course, such as the battery external short circuit, an internal short circuit, over charge of the case, all appliances, and other batteries have such a problems.
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