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Sanyo battery will changed its brand name to Panasonic Battery for sells from April 1 2012,




According to the relevant reports Panasonic is now100% owned Sanyo, and Sanyo brand Will be replace by Panasonic brand for sales from April 1, and the subsidiary of Sanyo and SANYO brand will be abolished, There will not sanyo battery exists in the future.

Sanyo has a good reputation in the world market after decades of development, has the world's leading technical level, developed by the sales of Sanyo lithium-ion batteries and solar cells,and lifepo4 battery, also led to the development of a lof of small enterprises, now in the Panasonic acquisition, and then all achievement will cease to become a historical memory.

Now home bread baking machine and digital electronic products has developed by Sanyo Electric will be sold to use the Panasonic brand in2012 , high-performance HIT solar cell will also use Panasonic brand sold in North America, Europe and other countries and regions at present, only the U.S. Wal-Mart Stores will continue to sell Sanyo Electric production of television sets, and other few goods, sanyo and Panasonic in an era of coexistence of Japan will terminate.

At present, As theJapanese giant Panasonic has the ability level of world-class production technology, also have a great influence around the world, Japan batteries is the battery industry leader, best-selling around world, At the same time, also the energy industry's largest agents,and nowthe acquisition of threewell-known brands to jointly develop a new generation of new energy industry, will make a greater contribution for global economic development.

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