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The promotion of the lifepo4 battery will lead the rapid development of battery industry


In recent years, the development of the electronics industry, speed up the demand for mobile power, so that long cycle life, high safety performance lifepo4 battery become the first choice for portable electronic device and widely used, also because of the lifepo4 battery with high voltage characteristics and high-capacity, it also slowly began to join the electric vehicle industry.

Throughout the current development of the electronics industry, not hard to find the most high-tech electronic equipment have opted for the miniaturization batteries, especially the ultra-thin electronic devices, have very high demands for the battery Dimension and performance. At this time lifepo4 has beenfound and development. Compared with the nickel hydrogen batteries, lifepo4 batteries are smaller, light weight, large capacity and longer lifecycle, the above characteristics is precisely to meet the electronics industry demand on the battery performance. In the environment of growing environmental awareness, safety, pollution-free, lifepo4 is more favored by consumers. On the early 21st century, China has achieved a Non- mercury plan, lifepo4 battery development is enough to replace mercury-containing batteries and change people's lives.

Lifepo4 battery is not only widely used in portable electronics industry but also in electric car industry ,electric vehicle( Ev ) industry have certain requirements on the battery capacity , Lifecycle ,small size ,Lifepo4 battery have these preponderance, so it seems, lifepo4 battery may also replace the nickel metal hydride batteries, used in Ev Industry and become the main power .

In summary, lifepo4 battery applications is more widely used , its importance and usefulness is obvious, but the lifepo4 battery is a new industry, the market price compared to other battery is a little higher. but with the development of the lifepo4 battery on different application areas, we believe more areas will begin to increase the application of lifepo4 battery , in the near future. That will speed up the development of battery industry and have a great significance.

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