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  Electric Scooter Battery  
Electric scooter battery such as 48V40Ah, 72V 40Ah, etc. New electric vehicles get a high popularity due to high
speed, low consumption, and strong horsepower. Electric motorcycle batteries produced by our company are
featured by high power, high capacity, and long life, receiving trusts of the worldwide customers!!
Electric Scooter Battery
LiFePo4 Battery 48V20Ah
Battery Packs
LiFePo4 Battery Pack 48V LiMnO4 Battery Pack 48V LiFePo4 Battery Pack 48V
No. Model
Battery Material
Nominal voltage Nominal capacity Internal Resistance
Maximum Charge Voltage
Cut-off Discharge Voltage
(V) (Ah)
(V) (V)  
1 LFP48V10Ah LiFePo4 48 10
2 LFP48V20Ah LiFePo4 48 20
58.4 32  
3 LFP48V30Ah LiFePo4 48 30 80 58.4 32  
4 LFP48V40Ah LiFePo4 48 40 60 58.4 32  
5 LFP48V50Ah LiFePo4 48 50 60 58.4 32  
6 LFP48V60Ah LiFePo4 48 60 60 58.4 32  
Remark: we can design other battery pack according to customer's need, we can also design very light battery pack
with other unregular square case or we can fit our batteries into your case.
Tell us your needs, and let us realize them!
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