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  LiFePO4 Battery Pack  
  We use the most mature LiFePO4 battery cells, any pack of the products you need. We can manufacture and
currently used lead-acid battery voltage, capacity, exactly the same size battery pack,so you do not need to change
the mold, you can use a direct replacement.
Lighter, smaller, more powerful: We produce lifepo4 pack system, with the same voltage, same capacity,
compared with lead-acid batteries, lighter, smaller, more powerful, the service life of up to 5 times above.
Please feel free to contact us at:
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2S LiFePo4 Battery Pack for Vacuum cleaner
LiFePo4 Pack 3S

4S LiFePo4 Battery Pack for LED light

Power Tools LiFePo4 Battery Pack
  LiFePo4 Pack 7S   8S5P LiFePo4 Battery Pack for lectric bike   12S4P LiFePo4 Battery Pack for electric bike  
16S2P LiFePo4 Battery Pack for electric scooter
In addition to these conventional models, we can also customize and produce
batteries of different capacities and different sizes according to your needs.
Tell us your needs, and let us realize them!
LiFePO4 battery is the top energy choice for HEV, EV, UPS, electric tools and electric power storage system,
as it is safe, environment-friendly and powerful with long cycle life and no memory effect.
Safe: the safest Li-ion battery so far, accredited with SGS CE.
Environment-friendly: accredited with ROHS, without any hazardous and noxious substances.
Powerful: able to discharge with 20C at 65 max.
Long cycle life: over 2000 cycles with capacity staying at 80% min.
No memory effect: always ready for charge and use, with no need to charge after a full discharge.
Wide temperature range: available for use when the temperature ranges from -20 to 70.
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