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  Li-polymer Battery  
TNE is supplying lithium ion/polymer battery solutions for consumer electronics markets, to devices like laptop computers,
smart/cellular phones, digital media players, digital cameras and camcorders, and numerous favors of IT gadgets. TNE
provides full turnkey services including customized engineering design, prototyping, system integration advices, safety
approvals and high volume mass productions. No matter what the requirements, TNE has solutions for both mature and
innovative applications. TNEs unique lithium polymer battery technology offers outstanding advantages to this market like
flexible footprints, flexible capacity, light weight and low profile. TNE lithium ion/polymer batteries are offered in various formats
ranging from bare cells, to cells with protection circuit and to sophisticated battery packs.
Li-Polymer Battery for Bluetooth
MP3/MP4 Battery
PDA/MID Li-Polymer Battery
GPS Battery
Power Bank Li-Polymer Battery
RC lipo battery
TNE recommends polymer cells for virtually all consumer electronics applications or IT gadgets. It is available in any capacity
and size customer desires. Customer is free to request unique capacity and size fitting its requirement most, or TNE may
suggest close-fit models which has already be tooled up. As long as TNE has inventory in stock, usually quick prototype
samples can be shipped out in days. The battery is available in either bare cells or battery packs completed with protection
circuit module (PCM) with optional choice of safety devices like PTC, NTC, TCO, fuses or digital gas gauge IC.
Remark: we can design other battery pack according to customer's need, we can also design very light battery pack
with other unregular square case or we can fit our batteries into your case.
Tell us your needs, and let us realize them!
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