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In recent years, the development of the electronics industry, speed up the demand for mobile power, so that long cycle life, high safety performance lifepo4 battery become the first choice for portable electronic device and widely used, also because of the lifepo4 battery with high voltage characteristics and high-capacity, it also slowly began to join the electric vehicle industry.  >>More Detail...


Air pollution

While since 20 years, industrial pollution has decreased from 45 to 65%, pollution from transport has increased by more than 30%, the main cause is the increase in automobile traffic.

And it is in the city that the situation is the most sensitive, because if pollution depends on the topography and weather conditions, a car consumes four times more than on Highway in the city. Urban congestion contribute to 75% to photochemical pollution and 40% to acid deposition. >>More Detail...

  Electric Vehicle    
  The electric vehicle is not a prototype more that we are manufacturers at auto shows, or a style figure unveiling a hypothetical future of transportation. If it foreshadows one of the best alternatives for our movement of tomorrow, it is before all a vehicle which is used for more than a century and which millions of units (all combined electric vehicles) run every day. >>More Detail...
With fort success of the Toyota Prius, all manufacturers develop their turn to hybrid technology. But do you know real element what this technology and how it works? >>More Detail...
  There could not be an explosion for Lifepo4 battery  
  April 11, the GM Technical Center under the global cell system battery lab explosion occurred. Accidents caused by small-scale fires as well as several officers were injured. Publish press releases followed by a number of foreign media are use: GM laboratory battery explosion "in the title, >>More Detail...

AccordingtotherelevantreportsPanasonicis now100% ownedSanyo, andSanyobrandWill be replaceby Panasonic brandfor salesfromApril 1, and the subsidiary of Sanyo and SANYObrand will be abolished, There will not sanyobatteryexists in the future.>>More Detail...

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