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  Quality - LiFePo4 Battery  
  Surpassing customers expectation with superior quality is every employees incessant pursuit.
Environmental Policy
  Protecting global environmental, bringing clean production into effect, building green culture, is basic concern in TNE.
Occupational, Health and Safety Policy
  TNE is committed to the Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) of all employees through:
  A dedicated safety organization that ensures all local laws and regulations are followed;
Creation of a safety working environment with scientific operational methodology;
  Effectively training of all employees on OHS concepts and procedures OHS targets shared by every employee;
Top New Energy adheres to service our clients with the high quality products and possesses a comprehensive-detection
system and a number of advanced detection equipments which are imported from Japan. In order to assure safety and
reliability of battery, over twenty over twenty items are enabled. We test battery safety from 12 angles and sides which include
the puncture, burrs, and lapse, collide, high or low temperature and over charging and so on. On every production line there
are at least two quality control personnel and adheres strictly to quality control processes inorder ensure the battery quality.
Furthermore for better control of product quality a whole process management division was established which contains
incoming material quality control (IQC), in progress quality control (IPQC),outgoing quality control (OQC), battery testing
center for reliability and safety, customer service, quality project, instrument calibration and management. our company our
company adopted ISO9001: 2000 certification, CE certification, and implement the strict standards consistently.
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