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  Solar Power Battery  
Electrical energy storage by lithium ion battery technology is emerging fast. Similar energy storage applications employing
different batteries like lead-acid batteries and sodium sulfur batteries have been adapted by the industry, the introduction of
lithium ion battery is adding new components to the equation. The application ranges from small portable personal energy
storage (as auxiliary backup power for mobile phones), to medium size family energy storage to buffer the green energy
generated by wind turbine or solar panel, to large enterprise or utility level energy storage. TOP NEW ENERGY supplies a full
range of battery products for each of these applications. Either customers purchase single discrete cells or complete battery
pack system or subsystems, TOP NEW ENERGY provides design and technical supports to assist customers in the system
integration process.
Solar Power Battery For Homes
Solar Power For homes
Solar Power Systems
Solar Power Battery Portable Solar Power Battery System Solar Power Systems
No. Model
Battery Material
Nominal voltage Nominal capacity Internal Resistance
Maximum Charge Voltage
Cut-off Discharge Voltage
(V) (Ah)
(V) (V)  
1 LFP12V100Ah LiFePo4 12 100  
2 LFP12V200Ah LiFePo4 12 200   14.6 8  
3 LFP24V100Ah LiFePo4 24 100   29.2 16  
4 LFP48V200Ah LiFePo4 48 200   58.4 32  
5 LFP48V400Ah LiFePo4 48 400 Solar Power Battery 58.4 32  
Remark: We can design other battery pack according to customer's need, we can also design very light battery pack
with other unregular square case or we can fit our batteries into your case.
Tell us your needs, and let us realize them!
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