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CATL's shareholding company wins new battery system order

Foreign media reported that the Finnish auto parts supplier Valmet Automotive (Valmet Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd.) in Uusikaupunki, Finland's new plant has won a third customer's power battery system order, indicating that its lifepo4 battery business is entering a fast track.

In November 2019, Valmet’s battery module production line at the Salo plant in Finland was officially put into operation; in December 2020, Valmet announced that it would expand the Uusikaupunki plant into a battery plant, which will start production in the second half of the year. In March of this year, Valmet announced plans to build a new battery PACK factory in Kirchhardt (Baden-Württemberg), which is close to Audi.

In addition to building a new PACK factory, Valmet has also invested 7 million euros (approximately RMB 54.58 million) in the construction of a new battery test center (BTC) in Bad Friedrichshall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The center has been put into use in February 2020. It can provide environmental compatibility, functional and safety testing of batteries, battery modules and complete battery systems, and meet the requirements of European OEMs including Volkswagen, Daimler, and Mark in electrification. The demand for power battery safety testing during the transition.

Founded in 1968, Valmet is a provider of automotive engineering development services and vehicle manufacturing OEM services. In October 2020, the company announced that it would withdraw from classic engineering services in order to transform into an electric vehicle lifepo4 battery system supplier.

It is worth noting that in February 2017, CATL invested 30 million euros (approximately 235 million yuan) in Valmet to acquire 22% of its equity, becoming the third only after Pontos (39%) and Tesi (39%). Major shareholder.

After the equity participation in Valmet, CATL is expected to use Valmet's resources to obtain in-depth cooperation channels for European high-end automotive customers, which will help it further develop the European power market.

Valmet's ability to expand its power battery PACK and test and develop battery systems will also help further enhance its competitive advantage in the European power battery market, and provide an active role for CATL to build lifepo4 battery factories and expand markets in Europe.

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