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Xinwangda speeds up its power business in 2021

A few days ago, Xinwangda Electronics Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Xinwangda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd. (the key technology and application project of power battery system safety) won the 2020 Guangdong Science and Technology Award "Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize" .

With the continuous increase in the sales and ownership of electric vehicles, in recent years, electric vehicle fires and recall accidents have occurred frequently. The cause of the accidents is directly at the lifepo4 battery, indicating that the battery safety hazard is outstanding. Improving battery safety has become the key to OEMs and battery companies participating in market competition.

The Xinwangda power battery system safety key technology and application project was able to win the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award, indicating that the safety and reliability of its power battery products have been recognized.

Gaogong Lithium Battery understands that in order to further improve product safety, Xinwangda built a five-layer safety design model based on cell design, manufacturing, modules, BMS and then to PACK system. At the end of last year, it successfully developed a "Smoke Only No Smoke" model. "Fire" battery packs can pass the "heat-triggered cell thermal runaway test", that is, after a single cell is triggered to cause thermal runaway, the entire battery pack will only emit smoke and not fire.

The battery is a 5X ternary system, using single crystal, high-voltage medium nickel material, heat generation is at least 20% lower than polycrystalline ternary material, the positive electrode oxygen release temperature is 30% higher, and the energy density is close to that of the current high nickel system. Security is more advantageous.

At the same time, all core components and BMS systems meet the functional safety ASILD requirements. The BMS system can also accurately diagnose batteries in advance, provide early warning of thermal runaway, and predict the potential dangers of batteries.

In addition, the cloud security proposed by the solution on the battery application side can comprehensively evaluate and monitor the health and safety of the battery, and ensure the safe operation of the battery through big data and mechanism models.

After the safety upgrade of battery products, Xinwangda's power battery business will enter the fast lane in 2021.

On February 2 and February 19, Xinwangda successively issued announcements stating that its wholly-owned subsidiary Xinwangda Electric Vehicles has received notification letters from Dongfeng Liuqi Motor and Dongfeng Passenger Cars, and will provide Dongfeng Liuqi with Lithium Iron Phosphate. Smart CM5EV supplies power battery assemblies and power battery assembly products for Dongfeng Passenger Car E70.

On April 6th and 7th, Xinwangda announced again that its subsidiary Xinwangda Electric Vehicle was selected as the designated supplier of power battery parts for the A9E project under the GAC HEV platform series, and was selected as a wholly-owned Geely Automobile The designated supplier of power battery cells for the PMA platform project of the subsidiary Wei Rui Company.

In just over two months, Xinwangda has successively obtained power battery designated projects from four OEMs, indicating that its power battery products have been recognized by more and more OEMs, laying a solid foundation for the growth of its lifepo4 battery business .

At present, Xinwangda's power battery customers include Renault-Nissan Alliance, Volvo, Geely, Ejet, Shangtong Wuling, Dongfeng Liuqi, Dongfeng Passenger Car, Xiaopeng, Yundu, etc.

As of the end of 2020, Xinwangda’s power battery capacity has reached 10GWh, and it is currently accelerating the construction of the Nanjing New Energy Project. The project has a total investment of 12 billion yuan and a planned production capacity of 30GWh. The first phase of the plant has been officially mass-produced.

As the global electrification process accelerates and the sales of electric vehicles continue to grow, Xinwangda is expected to reach cooperation with more OEMs in the later period, and the power battery business has begun to enter a period of scale growth.

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