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How to ensure timely heat dissipation during the use of electric bike battery

1. The battery installation location should be reasonable

From its first appearance to the present, electric vehicles have gone through multiple brands and multiple stages of development. Different stages have different characteristics and different advantages. The design of the lifepo4 battery location of electric vehicles has also undergone several changes. For example, the initial installation farther away, although safe, will cause the cable to be elongated, the resistance increases, the cable temperature rises quickly, and the power consumption is large. Too close is not conducive to people's riding.

Both left and right may cause a lot of trouble during the ride, leading to falls or other accidents.

Two, there must be a good ventilation environment

Although most of the battery is exposed, there is still a large part hidden inside the electric car. If the heat dissipation and ventilation environment of this part is not good, it will lead to poor heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation will inevitably accumulate in the battery compartment, affecting the user's comfort and battery life.

Three, should be high, not low

The battery contains water, which is the guarantee for the chemical reaction of the battery. The lack of water in the battery will seriously affect its electrolysis reaction. Therefore, it is best to choose a higher installation position. In addition, the battery cannot be filled with water, and the battery position is too low, it will be soaked in rain, which will cause the battery to malfunction.

Fourth, choose high-quality batteries

According to survey data, 90% of people will choose better quality electric bike batteries for long-term use. Among these people, there are some people who have higher requirements for battery quality, and for such a high-quality battery, only TOP NEW ENERGY battery has the best reputation in China.

The battery of an electric bike is like the heart of an electric bike. When the heart is good, the electric bike is good, so that it can run farther and more vigorously. And if the heart is not good, even if it is new, it will not last long. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who want to buy electric bike batteries must compare and choose the most cost-effective one before buying.

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