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What are the factors that affect the service life of electric bike battery

We all know that ordinary batteries generally have a service life of about two years, while the quality is relatively good, and the maintenance is within three to five years. However, in fact, the electric bike battery used by many households do not reach the service life at all. It was abandoned halfway. The reason for this is that it is affected by many external factors. So, what are the factors that affect the service life of electric bike battery?


1. Insufficient charging

Some young people don’t pay attention to the maintenance of electric vehicle batteries when they use them. They always plug in the battery to charge them when they are not in use, and unplug them directly when they are in use. No matter whether they are fully charged or not, they can be recharged when they are used up. It is very convenient, but in fact it is very harmful to the battery. Moreover, the battery is always under-charged, which will lead to insufficient internal chemical reactions over time, which will lead to a reduction in capacitance and natural travel.


Second, the load is too large.  

A light person riding an electric bike consumes much less electricity than a heavy person riding an electric bike. Therefore, in terms of charging, the former is often charged less than the latter, and when a certain amount is reached, it will be scrapped. Therefore , I also suggest that you do not often overload the load, it is better to be within the approved range, so that the battery can be used longer.


Three, over-discharge and recharge.


This is suitable for other live products, but not suitable for electric bike battery. Because the battery of an electric bike cannot be over-discharged, otherwise it will damage the activity of the battery's surface, cause problems in the chemical reaction, and reduce the capacitance.


Four, use new and old lifepo4 battery together.  

Some households use a combination of batteries, this kind of battery often appears to be used up, and some can still be used. Under this premise, it is recommended not to use old and new batteries together, otherwise it will cause damage to other batteries and leave safety hazards.

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