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European lifepo4 battery company InoBat supplies Fox

After winning the first battery order for a commercial vehicle customer, this local European battery company won another new battery order.

Foreign media reported that InoBat Auto, a start-up battery company in Slovakia, announced a cooperation with Fox Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. InoBat will provide solutions including batteries, modules and battery packs for the Mia 2.0 electric vehicles under Fox.

The Mia 2.0 electric car is a compact pure electric car that will be put into production in the first quarter of 2023, which means that InoBat has won an order for the first passenger car manufacturer's battery.

According to the agreement, the first batch of power batteries will be delivered in 2022, and the scale will be further expanded from 2023. InoBat will customize and develop suitable power batteries for Mia 2.0.

InoBat Auto plans to build a lifepo4 battery factory with an annual output of 10GWh in Slovakia, which can produce power batteries for 240,000 electric vehicles each year by 2024, with a total investment of 1 billion euros (approximately RMB 7.8 billion).

In October 2020, InoBat Auto launched its first "smart" battery using artificial intelligence (AI) and high throughput (HTP) technology, which can provide customers with customized power batteries.

In terms of products, InoBat Auto’s primary goal is to make its battery specific energy reach 265Wh/kg in 2021 and increase to 298wh/kg in the middle of 2022.

At present, InoBat Auto is cooperating with companies such as Manz and Siemens to accelerate the mass production of its "smart" batteries and build a localized supply chain.

The acquisition of battery orders from two OEMs means that InoBat Auto’s power batteries are about to enter the mass production and delivery stage, and it will lay the foundation for obtaining more battery orders from OEMs in the later period.

InoBat Auto hopes that its super factory can become an important force to enhance the global competitiveness of the European power battery market, thereby helping European OEMs to get rid of their dependence on imports of Asian batteries.

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