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The 343th batch of announcements: LiFePO4 Battery "strikes" the A00 market

On April 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Announcement on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products" (batch 343). A total of 276 new energy vehicle products entered the announcement, including 60 new energy passenger vehicle products, accounting for 22%.

Among the 60 new energy passenger vehicles, there are 24 models with LiFePO4 Battery, accounting for 40%; 36 models with ternary batteries, accounting for 60%.

In terms of battery matching, CATL (14 models), AVIC Lithium Battery (8 models), Hefei Guoxuan (7 models), Nandu Hongxin (6 models), and Aierji New Energy (4 models) ranked top in the number of models.


Compared with previous announcements, the new energy passenger vehicle model declarations in this batch of announcements show a polarization trend. Specifically:

First, manufacturers are scrambling to launch "low-end" models.

In this batch of announcements, many manufacturers including Mustang Motors, Brilliance Automobiles, Jimai New Energy and other manufacturers have launched a number of A00-class models that are benchmarked against Hongguang’s MINI EV, which are mainly equipped with LiFePO4 Battery. The purpose is obviously to seize the growing market. A00-level market space, with the intention of creating the next "Hongguang MINI".

Among them, Mustang has launched six A00-class models-Mango Redding, which are 3620mm/1610mm/1525mm in length, width and height respectively, and are all equipped with LiFePO4 Battery, which are provided by Nandu Hongxin.

Jiangsu Jimai New Energy also launched three A00-class models-Lingbao COCO and Lingbao BOX, with a length, width and height of 3548 mm/1536mm/1588mm, all equipped with LiFePO4 Battery, powered by AVIC lithium battery (2 models) and Ruipu Energy (1 Paragraph) to provide supporting facilities.

In the previous announcement, leading Auto and JAC Volkswagen also launched its A00-class models Punk MINIEV and Si Hao E10X, which are also equipped with LiFePO4 Battery.

It is worth noting that in this batch of announcements, Shangtong Five also launched another A00-class model NANO EV, equipped with LiFePO4 Battery, provided by Keyi New Power.

The new car is one lap smaller than the MINI EV, with a length, width and height of 4810/1880/1515mm, a wheelbase of 1600mm, and a battery with a rated capacity of 230Ah. The price and cruising range may be lower than that of the Hongguang MINI, or may be as low as 20,000. Within yuan.

In addition, manufacturers including Changan, Chery, and BAIC have also launched their A00-class models with LiFePO4 Battery.

Behind the collective launch of A00-class models by the above-mentioned manufacturers, it is the success of Hongguang’s MINI models that has allowed many manufacturers to see the hope of the A00-class market. At the same time, the further reduction in the cost of LiFePO4 Battery has also given manufacturers the confidence to push low-end models.

The second is the increase in high-end vehicle declarations.

In this batch of announcements, in addition to launching a number of A00-class models, the number of high-end models declared is also increasing.

Among them, Ideal Motor declared 6 ideal ONE models, all equipped with ternary batteries, and provided by CATL; FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen respectively launched an ID.6 CORZZ and two ID.6X models, equipped with three models produced by CATL. Meta battery system.

In addition, Lantu, a high-end new energy brand under Dongfeng Motor, has officially announced that two plug-in models are equipped with ternary batteries produced by BYD subsidiary Xi’an Zhongdi, and Jinkang Power is responsible for the powertrain; the remaining two pure electric models It is also equipped with a ternary battery, Jinkang Power is responsible for the powertrain, and the batteries may come from Funeng Technology.

In addition to the above-mentioned high-end models, Geely’s Haoqing Automobile has also launched four high-end pure electric cars Polestar 2, all equipped with ternary batteries, and the batteries are from LG Energy’s wholly-owned subsidiary in China-Aierji New Energy Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., the powertrain of Asia Europe Automobile. This means that LG Energy has begun to enter China's domestic passenger car market, which in turn poses challenges to Chinese battery companies.

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