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Lifepo4 Battery Summit focuses on supply chain crises and opportunities

The power battery production armament competition has started strongly. With the rapid expansion of production capacity, the supply of materials, equipment and other industrial chains has become one of the most intense contradictions at this stage.

The strong sales of new energy vehicles are in sharp contrast with the shortage of power battery supply. The prices of some raw materials for downstream lithium batteries have skyrocketed, and the scale delivery of equipment trapped capacity has been delayed. How to do a good job in maintaining the stability of upstream supply and reducing costs has become a key proposition for the development of power lifepo4 battery companies.

On June 4th, the 8th G20 Lithium Battery Summit CEO Meeting was grandly held at AVIC Lithium Battery Research Institute, Jintan District, Changzhou. The meeting was hosted by AVIC Lithium Battery.

The theme of this summit is "Supply Chain'Dangers' and'Operations' in the New Industry Cycle". Facing the pace of the electrification market far exceeds industry expectations, member companies are concerned about industrial chain pressure, supply chain demand, price trends, and capacity Conducted in-depth discussions with product strategies, and put forward suggestions on the coordinated response strategy of the industrial chain.

As the organizer of this meeting, Liu Jingyu, Chairman of AVIC Lithium Battery, delivered an opening speech, sharing the risks and challenges faced by the power battery industry in 2021, supply chain safety management and strategies and other content with member companies.


Liu Jingyu said that the top priority for power battery companies is how to ensure the stability of the supply chain and how to support the huge demand for production capacity in terms of minerals, resources, and recycling. The new energy industry is developing rapidly, and "slowness" is the biggest risk. Therefore, the entire industry chain must work together to move forward to promote the healthy development of the industry and enter a virtuous circle.

At the meeting, member companies from batteries, materials, and equipment introduced their corporate development and market strategic planning in the first half of this year, and conducted in-depth discussions on current supply chain supporting pressures, price trends, and product strategies.

At present, the imbalance between supply and demand will continue. As far as power battery companies are concerned, they must do a good job in supply chain security, while meeting the needs of car companies and end customers to reduce costs, and test the wisdom and strategic judgment of their corporate leaders. As far as materials and equipment companies are concerned, ensuring the supply of core customers and delivering them on time is related to the sustainable development of the next few years.

In the power battery segment, member companies from AVIC Lithium Battery, Honeycomb Energy, Xingheng Power, Lishen Battery and other member companies made research and judgments on the new energy vehicle market and battery capacity requirements, the establishment of a safety system for the head power battery supply chain, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain under the new cycle Core issues such as the discussion of cooperation modes were discussed with material and equipment companies.

In the core material link, member companies such as Xingyuan Material, Tianci Material, Xinzhoubang, Kodali, GEM, Nord, Cangzhou Pearl, Shanshan, Bamo Technology, Zhengtuo Energy, Shenzhen Snow and other member companies focus on key raw materials The current situation of the supply and demand gap, the customer cooperation strategy under the shortage of production capacity, and the conduction and digestion under the pressure of rising prices of raw materials and other core issues were discussed in depth.

In the intelligent equipment link, member companies such as Pioneer Intelligence, Jiatuo Intelligence, Han's Laser, Kerui Technology, Hymson Laser, and Times Hi-Tech will respond to the delivery pressure of equipment companies under the expansion of production capacity, and the upgrade of production lines under extreme manufacturing pressure. The core propositions such as equipment innovation are analyzed and extended.

The G20-Lithium Battery Summit, composed of leading companies in the industry chain, is a closed-door meeting. Through candid communication and sharing, member companies clarify the development trend of the industry, set the corporate adjustment strategy in 2020, and make arrangements for stable development in the next few years.

In response to the discussion topics and exchange content of this conference, the follow-up G20-Lithium Battery Summit will be released in the form of a communiqué to provide strategic decision-making reference for the development of the domestic lithium battery industry.

The newly added member Top New Energy this time. Up to now, the member companies of the G20 Lithium Battery Summit have basically covered representatives of outstanding leading companies in all segments of the entire lithium battery industry chain.

➤Power battery leader: CATL (300750), AVIC Lithium Battery, Xingheng Power, Honeycomb Energy, Lishen Battery;

➤Leading companies in lithium battery materials: Xingyuan Materials (300568), Tianci Materials (002709), Xinzhoubang (300037), Kodali (002850), Grammy (002340), Nord shares (600110), Cangzhou Pearl (002108) , Shanshan shares (600884), Bamo Technology, Zhengtuo Energy, National Technology (300077) subsidiary Shenzhen Snow;

➤Leading companies in lithium battery equipment: Pioneer Intelligence (300450), Protailai (603659) subsidiary Jiatuo Intelligence, Han's Laser (002008), Corey Technology (002957), Hymson (688559), Liyuanheng, Times High-Tech .

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