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BAK 2 billion focuses on mobile energy storage charging vehicles

BAK Battery announced that it has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hanlong Tongda Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ("Hanlong Tongda"). It plans to invest nearly 2 billion in three years and put more than 2500 mobile energy storage charging vehicles.

The project is mainly used to supplement the electricity of new energy vehicles in key cities in the country such as Shanghai, such as new energy taxis, new energy buses, new energy logistics vehicles and personal vehicles.

BAK Battery said that the mobile energy storage charging vehicle will be equipped with its lifepo4 battery module, which has high capacity, high safety, and long cycle performance. At present, the project is in the stage of sample package joint debugging, and it is expected to roll off the production line in batches at the new production base of Fuzhou Bick in the second half of this year.

The survey shows that insufficient charging facilities and endurance are the primary reasons that hinder consumers from buying electric vehicles. The strategic cooperation between BAK Battery and Hanlong Tongda is based on the insight of users' mobile charging needs and the exploration of innovative business models.

BAK battery's current products mainly include cylindrical batteries, square batteries, and polymer soft-pack batteries, which are mainly used in new energy vehicles, smart terminal products, and energy storage.

In the field of power batteries, the scope of application covers the entire series of models, serving more than ten first-tier automakers around the world. So far, BAK Battery has provided batteries for more than 200,000 EV vehicles.

In the field of smart terminals, BAK Battery continues to expand its extensive cooperation with interconnected smart hardware and shared travel service providers to provide customized products and optimized solutions.

In the field of energy storage, BAK Battery has taken the lead in completing the industry layout, and has made certain progress and breakthroughs in various market segments such as power generation, transmission, distribution, and user side.

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