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Tesla provides the world's largest lifepo4 battery energy storage system in Australia

The 100-day challenge is a thorny issue, so Tesla started production even before signing the agreement.

"When the grid connection agreement was signed on September 29, Tesla had completed half of the installation."

ESS is installed at the Neoen Hornsdale wind farm near Jamestown. There are 105 (315 MW) in the plan, but there are actually 99 3 MW wind turbines.

Tesla's energy storage capacity is three times that of the second largest ESS.

In order to ship on time, Tesla decided to use Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries. The system obviously uses 640 independent Powerpacks (200 kWh each).

Now, ESS will help stabilize the grid in the summer (this is December, a hot month in Australia).

"Australian energy market operators warned that electricity supply will be tight this summer, especially in southern Australia and neighboring Victoria. In March this year, one of Australia's largest coal-fired power plants was shut down."

The cost of 100 MW/129 MWh lifepo4 battery storage is estimated at 50 million US dollars.

Premier Jay Wither Disease said in a statement:

"While others are just talking, we are providing our energy plan to make South Australia self-sufficient and provide back-up electricity and more affordable energy to South Australia this summer."

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