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Outdoor portable power station supply definition

Power and capacity selection of outdoor power supply

①, outdoor short-term digital applications, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, notebooks and other outdoor office photographers, low-power 300-500w, power 80,000-130000mAh (300-500wh) products can meet.

②, Long-term outdoor travel, boiling water, cooking a meal, a lot of digital, night lighting, audio requirements, recommended power 500-1000, electricity 130000-300000mAh (500-1000wh) products can meet the demand.

  ③, household power outage emergency, lighting, mobile phone digital, notebook, 300W-1000w can be, depending on actual needs.

④For outdoor operations, simple construction operations without mains electricity, it is recommended that 1000w or more, and 270000mah (1000wh) or more can meet the general needs of low-power operations.

3. Pain points of outdoor portable power station supply ①, hidden dangers of charging safety, three reasons, B product battery + battery protection function is not perfect and no fault-tolerant technology + charging management no fault-tolerant technology. Please choose regular products from regular channels and stay away from low-priced and inferior products. ② It is large in size and not easy to carry. Some brands have introduced high-frequency resonance technology, which can effectively reduce the volume by 30%-50%. ③The shell is fragile and uses engineering plastics. It is fragile when bumped or dropped. Many other brands and some big brands also have this problem. ④ The heat is large, the inverter efficiency is low, and then the engineering plastic shell is used, which has poor heat dissipation. A large number of heat dissipation holes have to be opened to increase the fan's heat dissipation. The noise is large, and the dust and water vapor erode the internal circuit of the product, causing safety hazards and reducing product life. ⑤ Low cost performance. Some big-name advertisements have a large investment and high operating costs, leading to high prices and low energy costs, which cost several thousand yuan, but the electricity and power are not enough. Brand selection can choose the central brand, which is relatively cost-effective. ⑥. False standard or chaotic collocation of parameters. Some products have false lifepo4 battery standard, which is mostly seen in low-cost and inferior products. Some products are eye-catching. Products with high power but very small capacity have been introduced to sell as high-quality products. Battery, reduce costs.

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