Energy Storage System

  • 4.8KWh Home Energy Storage Sysrem
  • 4.8KWh Home Energy Storage Sysrem
  • 4.8KWh Home Energy Storage Sysrem

4.8KWh Home Energy Storage Sysrem

  • The product installation method is wall-mounted,

    the main body of the shell is a sheet metal iron box, 

    the surface is silver, the upper and lower sides are black,

    the bottom has a transport space structure,

    the upper right corner of the front has a power indicator, 

    a running light, a fault light, and a parallel dial code 

    and communication port. There are openings and charging

    and discharging ports on the upper part,

    and a wall bracket on the back.



Home Energy Storage Sysrem


Home Energy 

Storage Sysrem 

Energy storage system model3.6KW4.8KWh
Battery capacity4800Wh
Product weight50Kg
Battery pack voltage48V
Operating voltage range (V)37.5-54.8V
Battery TypeLiFePo4
Maximum continuous charging power3.6KW
Maximum continuous discharge power3.6KW
SOC working range (%)10%-90%
Cycle life5000
Installation methodWall-mounted
System cooling methodNatural cooling


1. The operation is convenient and quick, and it is ready to use;

2. High efficiency, energy saving and stable power supply;

3. Intelligent design, which can display the operating status of the system (SOC, output current, alarm/abnormal type, etc.).

4. Humanized alarm function and perfect online protection function, with high reliability.

5. Communication mode RS485, CAN are optional, compatible with the market.

6. The whole machine is easy to move;

7. It can be used in parallel, and supports up to 8 parallels.


1. Solar/wind system energy storage.

  2. The emergency power supply can be directly used by general household appliances.

  3. Communication energy storage and other emergency power supplies, etc.

4. Remarks: Need to configure the inverter control integrated machine to use.

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