Energy Storage System

  • 48V100Ah home energy storage battery pack

48V100Ah home energy storage battery pack

  • TOP NEW ENERGY TNE48100 is one 

    of the most reliable LiFePO4 battery 

    that can be used for home energy

    storage battery


We are dedicated to making the best and safest Lithium batteries by using safest LiFePO4 battery cells and most reliable components. TNE48100 with premium performances and perfect compatibility for emergency backup power.

The TNE48100 features with many advantages, like long service life, compact size, less weight, high rate charge and discharge and others. The battery can be connected with most inverters and chargers available in the market. Also, it can be used to develop a reliable solar battery bank together with most solar panels.

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Product Description

Nominal Voltage48V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Cell TypePrismatic
Self discharge≤3.5% Per month
Maximum Module in parallel15
Maximum continuous discharging current50A
Peak discharging current150A≤3s
BMS discharge current cut-off130A±20A
Recommend Low voltage disconnect42V
Recommend charge current40A
Maximum charge current50A
Recommend charge Voltage52.5-54V
BMS charge voltage cut-off54V(3.75±0.1V)
Terminal TypeConnector
Case materialSteel
Enclosure ProtectionIP20
Discharge Temperature-20 to 60 ℃
Charge Temperature0 to 45 ℃
Low Temperature cut-off charge0 ℃ (Customized)
High Temperature cut-off charge54℃(Customized)
Warranty5 Years


Q1. Can I use TNE48100, the 48V energy system, for indoor distribution system?

A: Yes. The TNE48100 is manufactured to be used for many applications, including backup power and home energy system. To build a complete home energy system, you can consult with the local distributor.

Q2. Can the energy system be connected in parallel and series?

A: The energy system can be assembled in parallel to get expanded capacity, but it cannot be wired in series.

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